My name is James McInerney. I am a postdoctoral research scientist at Columbia University, working on scalable probabilistic modelling and machine learning. I obtained my PhD in March 2014, on the ORCHID project at the University of Southampton, UK. I have an MSc in Computing (Artificial Intelligence) from Imperial College London and a BA in Computer Science from Oxford University.

My PhD was about analysing human location behaviour from noisy mobile data, such as GPS or cell towers. I used Bayesian machine learning (probabilistic inference) to perform exploration and inference on large unstructured data sets (e.g., for anticipatory mobile services such as Google Now, to manage location-based crowdsourcing).

James McInerney

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  1. Hey James!

    Good to see your blog posts! I got a chance to refer your work while working .I am a Data Scientist at a location-intelligent platform using lat/lon (GPS and bluetooth beacon data), and I write unsupervised algorithms to model user's real-world behaviour.

    I am willing to connect with you,if possible.

    Let me know.


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