Location Datasets

  Here is a list of daily life location behaviour datasets available online. Will try to keep this updated, and obviously welcome to additional suggestions.  N.B., some of the semi-public datasets are available to people in academia only.

The list is focused on datasets from which one might be able to identify individual location routines. Therefore, aggregated or short datasets (< 1 week) are omitted. In no particular order:

GeoLife GPS Trajectories 182 users over period of 2 years. Public.

MIT Reality Mining Dataset (Page on Mit) Cell tower locations (and various phone logs) of 100 people at MIT. Semi-public (need to submit your details on a web form).

Foursquare Data Set - University of Minnesota [update: seems that Foursquare has asked the collectors of this data to no longer distribute it] The check-in behaviour of over 2 million users. Semi-public (you have to request a link from them by email).

OpenPaths Comprises mixture of GPS, cell tower, check-in data. Semi-public (you have to submit a project description and have individuals donate their data).

Dataset of LifeMap Users Dataset of GPS and WiFi locations that includes crowdsourced semantic labels for locations by 68 people in South Korea.Public.

CRAWDAD Long list of WiFi fingerprint data at University of Dartmouth, US. Public.